Mexican Public Registry of Properties

There are various types of public registries in Mexico, the function of which is to record various legal acts.  One of the main public registries is the Public Registry of Property, where public deeds, are recorded transferring ownership of real property or creating security interests in real property, such as through mortgage instruments, among other documents. In all cases involving real property purchase or sale agreements and agreements creating mortgage guaranties over real property, it is an indispensable requirement that the notary instruments evidencing such legal acts be recorded in the Public Registry of Property in the state where the respective real property is located. The effect of recording is to give notice of the legal act, allowing any person to verify who is buying and selling specific real property or identifying the debtor and creditor in a credit relationship secured by a mortgage. Upon recording the legal act, all third parties are deemed to have constructive notice of the existence and legality of the act. The laws specifically provide a precise list of the legal acts and agreements that require recording with the Public Registry.