About Playa del Carmen


In just a few years this small sleepy fishing village has doubled it's population.  With the one of the fastest growing populations of any city in the world and its location on the Caribbean Sea, Playa del Carmen has become the center of real estate activity for the Riviera Maya.  Even though todays global real estate market has floundered recently, Mexico´s Riviera Maya stands out as one of the world´s most vibrant markets where values are still increasing at a rapid rate.  There is more than just "real estate" here and it is the reason this paradise was discovered in the first place.  The opportunity for relaxation, excitement and adventure awaits you in this heaven on earth!

The combination of the sugar-white sand beaches, exceptional coral reefs, surrounded by the green hearty jungle and the relaxed lifestyle, Playa del Carmen really makes you feel as if you are living in paradise.

The turquoise waters which bathe the beach at Playa del Carmen create a scenario that makes this a  unique and beautiful town with a lot to offer. At the center of the town is LA QUINTA AVENIDA, the SHOPPING MECCA which runs parallel with the ocean.  On La Quinta Avenida you will find a selection of cafes, restaurants, galleries, bars, clothing stores, souvenir shops, gold and silver jewelry, Mexican Pottery, Tour Operators, Internet Cafes, Ice Cream Shops, Scuba Diving Tours, Any and all beach sports, long distance phones, small grocery stores and much more.  The activity on La Quinta or 5th Avenue is bustling morning, noon and night.  The 5th avenue strip is approximately 2 miles long.

For stocking your refrigerator there are a variety of grocery stores including:  Walmart Playa del Carmen, Mega, Soriana, San Fransisco de Asis and Chedraui.  Nowadays in Playa you can practically find everything you need to prepare that gourmet meal for your family from the fresh herbs to the bottle of wine!  

Playa is only 45 minutes  from Cancun and halfway to Tulum.  It was a place once known for is tranquil simplicity and nothing more than a dock from which ferries departed for Cozumel.  Playa has now become one of the most important and sophisticated tourism centers on the Riviera Maya second and much different from Cancun.

Playa del Carmen offers something for everyone looking for in a Caribbean location. With powdery white sand beaches bathed by transparent waters, luxurious hotels providing all the comforts required by international travelers, and also smaller lodgings with personalized service all travelers can find the style of vacation they like. Numerous lounges and discotheques,  shopping malls, restaurants offering traditional and international cuisine, cultural and recreation centers, water sports and golf are also options, with a level of excellence to satisfy the most demanding first-class travelers. La Quinta Avenida offers culinary and entertainment options that lure travelers to conclude their day after several hours spent on the beach or on an excursion trip, prolonging the activity in Playa until dawn if is so desired. 

Today, Playa del Carmen attracts sun worshipers, beach and sea-lovers as well as those in search of the marvelous combination of ecological and archaeological tourism. The unique culmination of culture plus nature, and the tranquility which characterizes this spot, are still only a few of  the distinctive attractions to be found here.  Playa has been intelligently preserved by well-planned development which sought to conserve the original magic and it succeeded!

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